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M5 Academies & Rudy Project Partnership

Rudy Project Australia has recently announced a new sponsorship partnership with the M5 Academies Team, a leading triathlon squad in the Australian triathlon scene. The team will use the Spinshield Air Sunglasses from Rudy Project, a high-performance eyewear designed specifically for triathletes.

The partnership between Rudy Project Australia and the M5 Academies Team is an exciting development for both organisations. Rudy Project is a well-established brand in the triathlon community, known for its innovative and high-quality products. While the M5 Academies Team are a highly respected entity within the Australian triathlon scene, with a strong focus on High performance within the Age Group community.

The Spinshield Air Sunglasses are a perfect fit for the M5 Acadamies athletes. Designed with input from professional triathletes, the Spinshield Air is a lightweight and aerodynamic sunglass that provides excellent protection from wind, sun, and debris. The Spinshield Air features Rudy Project's patented Spinshield technology, which uses a removable shield to protect the eyes from wind and debris while also allowing for increased ventilation and airflow.

M5 Academies is thrilled to partner with Rudy Project Australia and use the Spinshield Air sunglass. According to team manager Maddy Stoneman, "Rudy Project is a world-class brand trusted by professional athletes around the globe. We are proud to be associated with them and excited to use their products exclusively. Our 20 Elite Team members are very excited about the competitive edge the Spinshield Air offer; plus they look amazing."

The partnership between Rudy Project Australia and M5 Acadamies is a testament to the importance of high-quality equipment in the world of triathlon. With the Spinshield Air, the M5 Academies athletes will be well-equipped to compete at the highest level, while also enjoying the protection and comfort that Rudy Project is known for.

As the Australian triathlon scene continues to grow and evolve, partnerships like this one will become increasingly important. By working together, Rudy Project Australia and M5 Academies are helping to elevate the sport and ensure that its athletes have access to the best possible equipment and support.

To learn more about Rudy Project Australia and their products, visit their website at

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