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The M5 Multi-Sport program is tailored to athletes with ambitions in triathlon, adventure races, ultra events and surf events. These athletes are serious about improvements and carry the discipline to follow a structured training program.

An M5 Multi-Sport membership offers athletes preferred product support from our sponsorship family and access to train with the M5 Elite AG Team. In addition to this is ongoing education with an invitation to the M5 Academies workshops and training camps and the opportunity to be part of the M5 Academies team.

Training Fee: From $199/month 

Training Program Options: 3, 6 or 12 months

Sponsors Support: Up to 40% off ASICS, TYR, Skins, NXsports race entry, Canyon, Carbon Mafia Wheels, High Performance Mindfulness Course, PREPD Hydration, Flip Insurance & BikeFit Studio fittings 

Coach - josh Minogue


M5 A-Grouper Athletes receive:

  • An online training program delivered via training peaks*

  • Invitation to M5 high-performance workshops, M5 triathlon training camps & M5 webinars

  • Our M5 team culture is all about inclusivity and, most importantly, customisation of a high-performance program to ensure our athletes have a healthy balance between their sport, family and careers. 


About Josh

Josh Minogue has spent a lifetime chasing the biggest sporting challenges both in and out of the water; as well as some of the toughest endurance races anywhere in the world.

His sporting resume includes lining up side by side with Michael Phelps as part of the Australian Swim Team, transitioning to his childhood dream of racing in the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Ironman Series for 6years, winning the Iconic Coolangatta Gold in 2014, becoming a triathlete to take on the Hawaiian Ironman and finally testing himself in some of the world hardest multi-sport and adventure races, over the last 20 years Josh has seen it all.


Since then, the father of two, has transitioned to the sidelines as a Coach, News Reader and Commentator; he's spent over a decade as the voice of Surf Sports Including the Ironman Series, Summer of Surf, Coolangatta Gold and Australian Titles; called world records in the pool including Cate Campbell's 100m Freestyle mark in Brisbane 2016 and cheered home Olympians to Weekend Warriors at Ocean Swims, marathons and multi-sport events. 

He loves and lives sport and openly admits he didn't have the talent to achieve half of what he did; but that didn't stop him.

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