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" You are an Ironman"...
Anything is Possible

For over 15 years, Pete is renowned and respected as one of the world’s leading Ironman Triathlon and multi-sport commentators. He travels throughout the world each year working his talent from World  Championship events including the ‘Holy Grail’ of Triathlon, the Hawaiian Ironman, the toughest one day sporting event in the world to other leading world class events.


In 1991, Pete sat on the side of the road watching the gruelling Ironman Australia at Forster- Tuncurry  and it was on that day he had the dream of becoming an Ironman. Pete  became addicted to Ironman racing, competing 13 Ironman races ,achieved “legend” status and represented Australia at the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii – “The best of the best”


As a father of four, he shares his ‘trade’ at every event with the fittest athletes on the planet, world class age group athletes and ‘first timers’ who have a dream of hearing the four most famous words in the sport of triathlon…” You Are An Ironman”. 

Every athlete has a special story on how they get to the start line, however, it is not all about the swim, bike and run to the finish line. There are no excuses…. Anything is Possible. Pete gets to witness these incredible feats and share the emotion and stories of some amazing human beings,


Pete’s positivity and enthusiasm is infectious to all athletes and for the thousands and thousands of athletes that cross one of his finish lines each year they leave with an experience and a memory that lasts a lifetime. Pain is temporary... Glory Lasts Forever.

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