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i’d break my neck for my team...

Henk tells his story about the sacrifices he made, day in and out, and recalls the day he took ‘what-
ever it takes’ for the team, to the extreme. The last thing Henk recalls is a speedometer reading 64

Mph (110Km) then waking up in intensive care. He had crashed on a descent in the Fitchburg

Classic in Pennsylvania and was lucky to be alive. 18 broken bones including a broken neck saw the start of a very long and painful road to recovery and reinvention. Henk’s talk is raw, powerful and the real story about life in the peloton as a lead out man.
Henk is still involved in the Sport of Cycling, where he is the sport director for ARA SKIP CAPITAL professional cycling team. Henk is a Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, competed for Australia in eight World Championships and two Olympic Games and had a 15-year career as a Professional Cyclist where he spent half of his time in Europe and half in the US.

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