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Griffith University Lecturing Partnership

M5 Management collaborates with Griffith University on introducing a new Athlete Management Principles course


I'm delighted to advise that Griffith University is introducing a Talent Management course within its Free Choice Electiv offerings in 2018. For some time I've been lobbying for more formal qualifications for aspiring talent managers. I'm pleased that M5 Management has played a significant collaborative role with Griffith University in introducing and developing the content of this new course.

The Athlete Management Principles course provide's students with a critical understanding of the management and coordination of athlete talent.An underlying theme of the course is the management of sports careers and support for transition into and retiring from life as a professional or high-performance athlete. Students will develop an understanding of dual career management and the policies, programs, processes, and structures that influence athlete performance, personal development, and transition. Other learnings will include the management of personal branding, financial literacy, well-being and behavior, and communication and social media strategies.

Some of our recent athlete behavior issues reinforce the need for talent managers to build a much deeper engagement with their clients that goes beyond contract negations and deals. The Athlete Management Principles course offered by Griffith University is a very positive step in this direction.

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