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You think it is hard getting to the top… try staying there

Brittany took up 10m platform diving at 12 years of age and just four years later was the Olympic Silver Medallist. On top of her game Brittany was then plagued with injuries, set-backs, pressure and the loss of self-confidence. Britt speaks about dealing with a body that was failing her and how a never back-down mantra gave her the strength to keep moving forward.


Brittany was the youngest athlete on the Australian Olympic Team at the London 2012 Games. As a 16-year-old she showed remarkable poise to block out the pressures of Olympic competition and bring home silver. Being a full-time athlete from the age of 11, Britt had to grow up quickly and at only 22 has had to learn how to reinvent herself and pursue her next challenge of being a professional triathlete.

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