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Welcome to M5 SportsPath and congratulations on taking the first step in your journey from emerging to professional athlete. By investing your annual fee and more importantly your time, you are giving yourself and your support team the best chance to understand the process and make the successful transition.
It is important to note that it is not always athletes with the best results that go on to build successful careers during and after their sporting career. It is those that:

  • understand and nurture their personal brand
  • have values and attributes that are admired by the Australian sporting public
  • maintain a positive incident-free public image
  • use media across all mediums including social media, faultlessly

How M5 SportsPath Works

You can work at your own pace, depending your competition and school/uni/work commitments. We recommend that you allow approx. eight weeks for Steps 1-5. SportsPath helps you bring all the information together for your bio so it can be given to a designer or friend with graphic design skills to lay out. It is important to get your bio up and running particularly if you are trying to raise philanthropic or sponsorship investment. If you prefer to have your bio designed for you M5 offer an athlete profile design service where you have the choice of two PowerPoint templates. Contact info@m5management.com.au for more information.

Remember that with unlimited access to your own personal database which records your values, goals and sporting results, you can easily refine and update as you learn more.

SportsPath is broken down into the following steps. Click on each link in the diagram below to complete each step.

If you need assistance with any part of the program, please contact info@m5management.com.au

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