Richard McInnes

Richard is a multiple World Cup winning Coach across different cultures and genders and Performance Manager across multiple sports and countries. He has an intimate understanding of what makes high performance people and programs tick. Richard creates innovative problem-solving initiatives that ultimately deliver maximum opportunities. He speaks of his experiences from over 30 years in sport across all levels, the lessons learnt, and the value of creating sustainable, performance environments.

Richard's philosophy in life is based upon seeking the best in people and helping them light the path to their dreams. He nds no greater satisfaction then assisting individuals to commit to their dreams, grow both as a person and an athlete and achieve their goals. Over the past decade he has been extremely fortunate to work with some of the best athletes, coaches, sports scientists and administrators in elite sport. This has provided Richard with exposure to great minds and people working in high pressure environments, which has allowed him the opportunity to learn from the best and transfer this wisdom back to you.

'Sustained high performance... easily said, very difficult to do'

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