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About M5 Talent Management

M5 Management provides industry-leading athlete management advice, strategy and commercial expertise to both emerging and established talent. We have two main areas of focus for our clients - we specialise in the identification and development of their unique personal brand and use this to make distinctive, lasting and substantial improvements in their commercial revenue position. Athlete revenue and personal brand are intrinsically linked and are one of the key learnings athletes take away from the M5 Sportspath program.

Dream big!

You have dreams and aspirations. You want to see how far you can go in your sport and explore the possibility of earning a living from your passion. Your journey starts here!  The fact that you are researching the benefits of M5 SportsPath is the first and most important step in understanding that sporting success is not all about trophies, personal bests, peer recognition and in some cases - fame and fortune. These are in fact a by-product of process, commitment, personal belief, education and living to your personal set of values.

Why M5 SportsPath?

As an athlete it is crucial to understand that the actions you take and the strategies you adopt in managing your performance and brand in the public arena can be the difference in making your professional career successful or not. At M5 Management we believe that the positive intervention and education of athletes at a time when you are aspiring toward a professional career in sports is critical in creating the correct behavioural attributes. These values set the foundations on which you can continue to build the type of profile that is identified with our most respected sports icons. Alternatively, if you decide the life of a professional sportsperson is not for you, the learnings from SportsPath can be applied to any other endeavours in life.

Athletes, Parents and Coaches the SportsPath Partnership

M5 SportsPath is not just targeted at you, it's also designed to involve your parents and coaches as they play a vital role in your sporting journey. And for you, it is critical to your ongoing development that you allow your parents and coach to keep you on track to the commitments you make within this program.

Four Core Areas of Learning

Your SportsPath membership will educate you in four core areas which provide essential knowledge for successful sportspeople.

1.  How the business of sport and sponsorship work
2.  Defining your personal brand and develop your athlete profile
3.  Mental health
4.  Social media and general behaviour guidelines

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