M5 Story Tellers

Story Time with the most inspiring and relatable sportspeople in Australia

Create an event that will be remembered.
Encourage your team to take risks with strategy.
Show your students how to dream big.

Stimulate your network knowing that failure is inevitable but it's how you dust yourself off that counts. Just like any best-selling book you leave wanting more.

As Henry ford quoted: 'Whether you believe you can do a thing or you believe you can't, you are right'.

The role of the M5 Storyteller is to help you believe you can.

M5 management presents you with iconic Australian sporting champions and successful entrepreneurs who are available to speak at your special event. Our clients are not just another speaker you pick from a line up, but authentic Storytellers.

It's important for you to know we are not a booking agency.  Our job is to help craft speeches into the most powerful and believable versions to enable highly compelling content delivery. The presentations will communicate value and topics that are most dear to them, whilst being on topic to their specific audience.

The impact of the subject has far greater influence on the audience when it is delivered from real-life relatable experiences. M5 is passionate about the people it is fortunate to represent. We personally know then and their triumphs and tribulations. We share coffee with them, we laugh and sometimes shed a tear, and we are always their number one fan, we can assure you that they are all refreshing, compelling, believable and most importantly memorable.

M5 storytellers are available for speaking engagements and ambassador opportunities. Tailored presentations for your:

  • Corporate function
  • Team building event
  • Corporate sports events

  • Conference
  • School assemblies
  • Master of ceremonies

  • Networking night
  • Graduations
  • Employee engagement programs

Jessica Ashwood

'It's okay to be successful'

Mathew Hayman

'altijd blijven rijden' - Just keep riding

Gabi Simpson

'Leadership is not a part-time job'

Frank Farina

'Yes I'm Cranky-Franky, can you blame me?'

Daniel Fox

'Oh Yes I Can'

Nat Cook

'A life worth living...'

Melissa Hauschildt

'Get knocked down seven times, get up eight'

Shane Heal

'Toughness is all mental, but it is tough to be tough'

Nikki Hudson

'Every game day is different - be ready for extraordinary'

Brittany Broben

'You think it's hard getting to the top... try staying there'

Ky Hurst

'Adapt and move forward'

Pete Jacobs

'Achieving a lifelong dream with the mantra of love'

Jaimielle Jacobs

'Don't judge a book by its cover'

Laura Scherian

'It's okay to be disappointed, but get on with being successful'

Henk Vogels

'I'd break my neck for the team... literally'

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