Meet the Team

Brad Beven

Head Coach

Caleb Noble

Pro Team

Victor Larder

Andrea Maloney

Kelly Phuah

Aaron Beckinsale

Andrew South

Darren Crowther

Megan Hendry

Darren Donaldson

Ashley Lawrence

Stephen Kettley

Kate Gayner

Levi van Dijk

Albie Firley

Phillip Townsend

Ben Ingersole

Phil Bowe

Riley Crowther

Neil Jones

Luka Warlters

James Penny

Caleb Heiner

Jordan Gover

Darren Toms & Dean Cameron

Phil Stoneman

Team Captain

Support Team

Nicholas Pedrazzini

Head Swim Coach

Al Smit

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Maddy Stoneman

Team Director

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