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Adrian Fletcher had amazing faith in my ability and gave me the support to grow as a footballer. He coached me in the Allies for two season, firstly as a 17 year old and then in my draft season. He taught me to use my natural skills, awareness and challenged me to enhance my work rate and motivated me to be the best I could.  This mentality has enabled me to belong at a AFL Club. I thank him for challenging me to use my talent.

Tarryn Thomas

I was fortunate to be mentored and coached by Adrian Fletcher in the Queensland U18 team. I learnt so much under his tutoring. The first thing that he educated me on was to train with intensity, this attribute allowed me to consistently improve my skills. He also re-enforced my strengths and encouraged me to always use these strengths and back myself in, which gave me tremendous  confidence  and self belief going forward. I thank him for challenging me and making me work hard at my skill sets. These early training habits definitely enabled  me to improve quickly and ultimately to ensure that I got drafted and lived my dream of playing AFL football.

Harris Andrew

Adrian Fletcher coached me as a 17 and 18 year old player in the Queensland rep teams. He was a very enthusiastic coach and made sure the training environment was professional but fun as well. This environment allowed me to develop nicely with things like my work ethic, competitiveness and consistency as a player. He always encouraged me to use my flair in training and more importantly the games. I thank him for being a great role model, mentor and supporter for me.

Eric Hipwood

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