M5 Academies - Triathlon

The M5 Triathlon Academy caters for male and female athletes from all triathlon disciplines including Off-Road, Ultra-Distance, Duathlon, Aqua-bike, Para-triathlon, and Aquathons.

The objective is to provide emerging and elite age group triathletes an all-inclusive education based high-performance program that offers all facets of their triathlon ambitions

The M5 Triathlon Academy is overseen by elite triathlete Nathan Dortmann who holds a Bachelor degree in Sports Science and Education and is currently completing a Level 2 Triathlon Coaching qualification.

M5 Academy Members benefit from the following services:

  • Adapted coaching incorporating Training Peaks
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring via face to face, skype or other remote communication platforms
  • Swim, bike, run, and transition technique analysis
  • Partnership products supplied by sponsors and discount on further products
  • Customised athlete profile (biography)

To ensure holistic development, athletes will receive access to High Performance workshops, delivered by M5's network of talent and industry contacts including:

  • Open Water Swimming Ky Hurst (2x Open Water Olympian)
  • TT Skill Development - Cameron Wurf (Multiple IM Champion)
  • Running Technics Melissa Hauschildt (3 x World Triathlon Champion)
  • Cycling Criterion Racing skills - Matthew Hayman (Winner of the Paris Roubaix)
  • Personal Brand Building Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Social Media Influencing and Authenticity Petra Zink (Director - Head Coach -impaCCCt)
  • Sponsorship Education M5 SportsPath Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Career Transition Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Engaging with your partners 'What does win-win mean?' Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Training Camps

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