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The M5 Academies has been created to provide emerging, elite age group and pro triathletes a turnkey athletic and education-based program that will allow team members to reach their full potential as triathletes. The M5 Tri program is a first of its kind in Australia that enables athletes to progress seamlessly between tiers as their performance improves and careers develop.

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Meet the Coach - Brad 'The Croc' Beven

Welcome to the M5 Academies where athletes of all different levels and abilities can achieve their personal goals with the support of a like-minded team.
My name is Brad Beven but you may know me as 'The Croc'. I am the Head Coach of M5 Academies which encompasses the M5 Elite Team and Age-Grouper Team. My role is to help triathletes get the most out of their sporting performance whilst understanding and supporting the fact that most athletes lead busy working, family and social lives. Our philosophy at M5 is to recognise that although we can be serious about our sport, family and work comes first. With that in mind, I create training programs that are flexible and can be adapted to any situation.

M5 Academies is a tri-levelled structure which allows athletes to progress seamlessly from each tier based on their experience and/or personal circumstances. At the top tier sits the M5 Pro Team, a turn-key program consisting of highly tailored training sessions, 24hr coach support and commercial management. In the middle we have the M5 Elite Team, an invitation-only tier made up of highly talented athletes and/or athletes who are serious about their triathlon ambitions. These athletes are often found on the podium for their age-group and receive a hands-on approach to coaching. Finally we have the M5 A-Grouper tier, an online based program developed for athletes who require less hands-on coaching whilst still receiving a highly tailored triathlon program. Athletes have the ability to move between the tiers as their personal circumstances dictate.

My goal as a coach is to realise an athletes aspirations and to support/enhance their ability to achieve their desired outcome. With 40 years in the sport of triathlon, as a competitor and as a coach, I have learned not only how to get the best results from athletes but how to also get the best results from 'people' with busy lives. We are all different and can face challenges along the way so at times we need a slightly unique approach. Life can test us and my role is to work with athletes to get through those times.

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