Jason Shortis

If there was a Player's player award in Triathlon, Jason Shortis would have been awarded this for the last 10 years.

He is in simple terms the Pros Pro.

Jason has been instrumental in bringing a level of professionalism to the sport. His personal achievements are at the very elite end of the Ironman world.

Jason has an iconic status within the Ironman and wider triathlon community. He is highly respected and always presents him self as a polished and professional ambassador for his sport. Jasons personal brand equity continues to be one of the strongest within the Australian Triathlon Market. Jasons body image and general charisma makes him highly marketable. Jason is articulate and has intimate knowledge of what it takes to be an effective brand ambassador. He has a genuine desire to both understand and work with sponsors in order to deliver the key requirements within these relationships.


Career Highlights

  • Australian Ironman Hall of Fame inductee


  • 3rd Ironman Australia

  • 3rd Ironman Lake Placid


  • 3rd Ironman Wisconsin


  • 1st Ironman WA (8.03 Australian Record Time)

  • 1st Ironman Malaysia


  • 1st Ironman Japan


  • 1st Ironman Florida


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