Jake Packard 

Olympic Swimmer, 2016 Bronze Medallist 



'Role models can be good and bad, pick the right ones'

Jake speaks of the difficulties of being an elite athlete on the rise. He explains the catalyst; in taking him from a good swimmer to an Olympic Medallist; was by surrounding himself with the right group of people and role models.

From an early age Jake was a natural in most sports. His thirst for perfection and a drive to train harder and smarter was ultimately what pushed him into committing to the sport of swimming. After failing to qualify for the 2012 Australian Olympic team, Jake made the brave decision to move from his home town to pursue his dreams under the guidance of a new coach.

He made his Olympic debut at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games where he took home a bronze medal. Jake currently juggles his swimming commitments with his study for a BA at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


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