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Media Release - Netball QLD and Cycling QLD sign on to M5 SportsPath

Posted by Philip Stoneman CEO/Founder M5 Management on 21 March 2017
Media Release - Netball QLD and Cycling QLD sign on to M5 SportsPath


Netball QLD and Cycling QLD sign on to M5 SportsPath

At a time where the misbehaviour of our top sportspeople once again is dominating the media landscape, two sports have taken the initiative to take up and back a program that they hope avoids these negative stories happening within their own ranks. Netball QLD and Cycling QLD have signed their respective performance and underpinning athletes onto an innovative online athlete education program from M5 Management called the M5 SportsPath.

Richard McInnis from Netball QLD 

"Within my role as General Manager - High Performance of the QLD Firebirds and Netball QLD, my overarching objective is to deliver the ultimate level performance from our playing roster. This also includes a duty of care to educate our players on how they conduct themselves off the court. The M5 SportsPath program covers all guiding principles that our players need to understand about how best to represent themselves within both the Netball and business communities".

Sean Muir from Cycling QLD is also an advocate of the M5 SportPath and has taken the further step to include his High Performance coaches amongst the recipients of M5 SportPath

"As the CEO of Cycling Queensland, I'm ultimately responsible for overseeing the development and progression of junior athletes through to High Performance. Our developing athletes are completing the M5 SportsPath program, which better equips them with necessary personal and professional skills to support their cycling for the long term. "

Designed for athletes aged 14-21 years old, the M5 SportsPath program educates and supports aspiring talent, across all individual and team sports.

The M5 SportsPath program covers four core areas of essential knowledge for professional sportspeople:
  1. How the business of sport and sponsorship work
  2. Defining personal brand values and developing athlete profile content
  3. Shared goal setting with support teams (parents, coaches, teachers)
  4. How an aspiring/emerging sportsperson should conduct themselves (social media and general behaviour guidelines)

M5 SportsPath is accessible to any emerging athlete and just as importantly their parents and coaches, addressing the current situation where only exceptional athletes are identified, signed and receive elite coaching and management expertise.

M5 SportsPath is the creation of M5 Management CEO/Founder Philip Stoneman, after he recognised the crucial need for further education and self-awareness within the early stages of an athlete's journey. A major emphasis of the program is personal brand development and how successful athletes behave and conduct themselves in a 24/7 environment, particularly in the use of social media.

"Our most admired Sportspeople don't always come from the highest profile sports. They are admired because they are able demonstrate a genuine affinity and respect for the Australian audience and show the characteristics and attributes that the general public can directly relate to. Athletes such as Kurt Fearnley, Laura Geitz are great examples of this. M5 SportsPath educates and guides athletes in this direction" said Stoneman.

Subscribers to M5 SportsPath receive:
  • M5 SportsPath membership secure login
  • Development of personal brand profile understanding personality type, values, attributes, use of imagery in building your brand
  • Goal setting - access to performance database and profile
  • Social media strategy (including guidelines)
  • Basic biography content development
  • Monthly Study Sheets covering variety of commercial sport topics highly relevant to pathway  athletes

Call to Action
The program subscription is AUD $100 per year. Athletes can subscribe to the program via the M5 management website http://www.m5management.com.au/membership-signup.html

Media Contact
For further information contact:
Phil Stoneman
0414 643 912


Author:Philip Stoneman CEO/Founder M5 Management

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