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M5 MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the first M5 Academy (Triathlon) - a win for athletes and sponsors.

Posted by Philip Stoneman CEO/Founder M5 Management on 30 September 2018

September 30, 2018

M5 MANAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Introducing the first M5 Academy (Triathlon) - a win for athletes and sponsors.

Sports marketing firm M5 Management has launched its first M5 Academy in Brisbane, servicing aspiring elite and emerging professional triathlon and multisport athletes.

As managers of multisport athletes and triathlon events for over 15 years, M5 has long-identified the potential for specialist academies in Australia to meet the needs of both elite athletes and sponsors. Athletes are looking for world-class training and coaching environments to develop in and thrive, and multisport companies are seeking to engage professional athletes who understand the business of sport and have a strong sense of social and community responsibility.

The M5 Triathlon Academy will cater for male and female athletes from all triathlon disciplines including Off Road, Ultra Distance Duathlon, Aqua-bike, Para-triathlon, and Aquathon.
20 athletes will be invited from the following categories:

  • Emerging male and female aspiring elite triathletes looking to compete in the professional ranks.
  • Elite Age Group athletes aged 18-54 looking at top three results in national and international competitions.

The M5 Triathlon Academy Program will be overseen by elite triathlete Nathan Dortmann who holds a bachelor's degree in Sports Science and Education and is currently completing the Level 2 Triathlon Coaching qualification.

A win for athletes - 

Phil Stoneman, Managing Director of M5 Management explains the motivation behind the M5 Academy concept, "Athlete management and well-being are at the heart of what we do, so academies offering high-performance environments across all aspects of athlete development are a natural extension of our business. Head Coach Nathan Dortmann is a dynamic young triathlon coach and we know he will do a brilliant job with our academy members."

M5 Academy members will benefit from the following services:

  • Personal customised coaching including:
  • Adapted coaching incorporating Training Peaks
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring via face to face, skype or other remote communication platforms
  • Swim, bike, run, and transition technique analysis
  • Partnership products supplied by sponsors and discount on further products
  • Customised athlete profile (biography)

Athletes will personally receive over $3,400 in value from M5 Academies industry partners

To ensure holistic development, athletes will receive access to High Performance workshops, delivered by M5's network of talent and industry contacts including:

  • Open Water Swimming - Ky Hurst (2x Open Water Olympian)
  • TT Skill Development - Cameron Wurf (Multiple IM Champion)
  • Running Technique's -  Melissa Hauschildt (3 x World Triathlon Champion)
  • Cycling Criterion racing skills - Matthew Hayman (Winner of the Paris Roubaix)
  • Personal Brand Building - Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Social Media Influencing and Authenticity- Petra Zink (Director - Head Coach -impaCCCt)
  • Sponsorship Education M5 SportsPath - Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Career Transition - Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • Engaging with your partners 'What does win-win mean?' Phil Stoneman (Founder M5 Management)
  • High Performance Training Camps - Nathan Dortmann

A win for sponsors

The M5 Academy concept and its collective 20 elite triathletes offer sponsors offers a multi-dimensional media platform which delivers highly effective reach within triathlon and multisport communities. This benefit is complemented by the opportunity for sponsors to build further credibility as supporters and innovators in the multisport sector. Sponsors receive exclusive product use by all athletes in training and race environments, and recognition as an M5 Academy sponsor across all aspects of Academy marketing and operations.

Multisport companies have embraced the M5 Academy concept with leading firms signing on as foundation supplier sponsors this month. "I'm very thankful to our foundation partners and their trust in M5 Management in bringing this unique program to life," said Stoneman.

  • Cannibal-Race Apparel
  • Asics - Footwear
  • Rudy Project - Helmets & eyewear
  • TYR -  Wetsuit and swimming product
  • Endura - Nutrition
  • Exclusive Supplier - Suunto Watches, Bont Cycling, Caden Wheels, and Wahoo Kickr

Greg Rule, President Rudy Project said, "The M5 Triathlon Academy program is a welcome initiative that offers real value to sponsorship partners. We now have a one-stop shop that allows Rudy Project to create meaningful social media content with the knowledge that 20 high-performance athletes and influencers will be sharing, and most importantly amplifying our message. I also like that the program provides education around the business of sponsorship."

M5 Academy Selection Criteria

  • Athletes will be required to complete an application form where they need to demonstrate:
  • a history of high performance in Triathlon or adjacent sports
  • a commitment to learn and respect the valuable role of sponsors, coaches, family, friends play their journey as a professional triathlete
  • an understanding that talent alone will never take you from good to great
  • a healthy proportion of humility, humour, common sense and above all integrity.

Selected athletes will then be invited to join.

  • Athlete Terms and Conditions
  • Minimum 12 month contract
  • Program Fees: one-off sign-on fee of $250 plus GST, and $375 plus GST per month
  • Academy athletes will be required to enter into a contract with performance Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) which will be conditional to the program. KPI's will be structured around:
  • Sponsorship engagement
  • Social Media delivery
  • Training attendance and behaviour
  • Competition performance
  • Personal sponsorship procurement
  • Completion of the M5 SportsPath athlete education online program
  • Attendance of workshops and training camps

For further information contact:
Phil Stoneman: 0414 643 912, email: phil@m5management.com.au


About M5 Management
Founded in 2009, M5 Management is one of Australia's leading commercial sports agencies offering athlete management and career development, consulting services for sporting federations and event rights holders, and M5 Storytelling featuring a select number of athletes with engaging stories to tell for corporate audiences. With over 15 years' experience, M5 offers industry knowledge, domestic and international networks and client commitment that is unique to the Australian market. 

M5 is proud to represent some of Australia's leading athletes such as Ironman and Olympic Swimmer Ky Hurst, Melissa Hauschildt (Triathlon), Jack McLoughlin (Swimming), Jess Ashwood (Swimming), Gabi Simpson, Stephanie Wood,Laura Scherian (Netball) and Matthew Hayman (Cycling). M5 speakers include Olympic basketballer Shane Heal, Hockeyroos Olympic Gold Medalists Nikki Hudson, and Kona triathlon champion, Pete Jacobs and Grand Tour cyclist Henk Vogels

Author:Philip Stoneman CEO/Founder M5 Management

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