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(Part-Time Contracted) Head Coach of the M5 Elite Age Group Team, Japanese Division

Posted by Philip Stoneman CEO/Founder M5 Management on 11 July 2019
(Part-Time Contracted) Head Coach of the M5 Elite Age Group Team, Japanese Division



Position available

Head Coach of the M5 Elite Age Group Team, Japanese Division - (Part-Time Contracted)

About M5 Management:

Founded in 2009, M5 Management is one of Australia's leading commercial sports marketing agencies, offering the following services:

  • Athlete management
  • Consulting services for sporting federations, event rights holders and government agencies
  • Athlete and industry education
  • M5 Academies for high-performance athletes
  • M5 Storytellers speakers bureau

Now in our 10th year, M5 Management is planning further expansion and growth.

Head Coach of the M5 Elite Age Group Team, Japanese Division - (Part-Time Contracted)

M5 Academies Background:

In December 2018, M5 Management launched M5 Academies - Triathlon, a unique team-based initiative offered to serious triathletes seeking world-class training and coaching in an environment that fosters success. As members of the M5 Elite AG Team, our triathletes will receive an education-based high-performance program allowing them to reach their full potential. The success of the program was unprecedented with a fully subscribed Australian team achieving outstanding results and sponsorship engagement exceeded our expectations.

The demand for our M5 Elite AG Team to be introduced into international markets has been exponential and as such we have decided to take our next venture into Japan.
As such, we now need to identify our Japanese Coach who will join the M5 Team and successfully help to replicate the foundations of the Australian program.

Position Description:

We are now seeking the services of a Japanese based Part-Time Triathlon Coach to recruit, coach and oversee all 10 Japan-based Elite age group triathletes.

Responsibilities will include;


  • Oversee the coaching of all Japenese M5 Elite AG members
  • Triathlete recruitment
  • Management of sponsorship relations
  • Day to day communication with M5 Elite AG Team (Japan)
  • All Social Media placement and coordination
  • Individually customised, adapted coaching incorporating Training Peaks
  • One-on-One Coaching , hands-on, coaching and mentoring" face to face, Skype or other remote communication platforms
  • Swim, Bike, Run and Transition technique analysis
  • Customised Profile (BIO) with support from M5 management
  • Management and coordination of all high-performance workshops
    • Open water swimming
    • Criterion racing and TT skills
    • Running techniques
    • Nutrition
    • Personal brand building
    • Social Media influencing and authenticity
    • Sponsorship education

Our Ideal candidate will possess the following skills;

  • Bilingual (Japanese and English)
  • Location - TBC - Subject to members locations
  • Minimum of five years as a triathlon coach
  • Proven success in coaching high-performance age Group triathletes
  • An innovative, energetic and self-motivated attitude
  • Excellent communication, computer and organizational skills
  • Poise and ability to represent M5 Management at the senior corporate level


Remuneration to be negotiated. All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Please forward your resume to phil@m5management or contact Phil Stoneman 0414 643 912
Applications close August 31st, 2019
Learn more:
Website: m5management.com.au
Facebook: @m5management, @m5academies-triathlon Instagram: @m5_academies

Author:Philip Stoneman CEO/Founder M5 Management

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